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Once all garments have been received and a job has been approved, our turnaround time is approximately one week for embroidery. This may vary due to factors such as our current workload, the difficulty of the job, the quantity of garments, etc.

Please submit everything to us in writing. E-mail is preferable. We will not process your job without a written record. If we don't have a written record of agreements made over the phone or in person they may not be honoured. If paperwork is vague or misleading we're not responsible for unintended results.

Please provide important information such as garment quantity, logo size plus position, and fabric types with as much detail as possible


A quote is an approximation of cost, not an assurance. All quotes are without GST unless specified. GST is included in all sales.


If you are ordering apparel from us you must pay a deposit before we can place the order. All jobs must be paid in full on or before collection. We accept cash or direct deposit.


If you require specific logo placements please mark where you'd like them on your garments or paperwork, otherwise we will use our own discretion.


If you send us artwork to be digitised, please make sure it is large in size with a high resolution. File types such as .jpeg .bmp .eps .pdf, .png, and so on are perfectly acceptable, however, we prefer vector files with at least 300DPI to achieve high stitch accuracy.

Vector files are created using programs like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. They allow us to adjust and alter the artwork freely without compromising the quality.


The clarity of an image will determine the quality of the final result.


Please ensure that the garments you have supplied are the correct types and sizes. We are not responsible for determining the quantity of garments receieved before we process a job.


We reserve the right to embroider all garments we receive in the event that the given quantity exceeds the estimated quantity of the paperwork.


If you require a specific colour or type of thread/paint you must provide precise details. Extra fees may apply.

If you require a specific font we prefer to have the TrueType font file supplied as we may not be able to obtain the font ourselves. Furthermore, there are absolutely no guarantees that uncommon fonts will work with our embroidery software or machines.


We can acquire single garments from our suppliers if you wish to see what they look like before committing to a larger order, but we will have to charge you for each garment ordered.


If you place an order for apparel you must pay for every single garment ordered, even if you decide to cancel the embroidery.


There is no minimum order requirement, we simply charge according to the received quantity.


Once you set up your logo with us we will keep it on file indefinitely. We retain the right to hold the file exclusively.


These are our general terms and guidelines. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries.

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